logoThe Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos is a cultural association of public interest and indefinitely. It was recognized by Real Office of King Carlos III, the February 14, 1768, by which the King creates and raises the degree of Royal Academy of Arts High School Board of its founders, established by Royal Order of February 28, 1765, governed by the rules of the Royal Office and approved by Royal Decree of 31 October 1849, the Academy qualifies as first class being associated to the Institute of Spain from December 1, 1987, corresponding Statutes its high patronage of His Majesty the King under Article 62 of the Spanish Constitution.

In 1989, he was recognized by the Generalitat Valenciana as first consultative institution of Valencia.

Since its birth, as a corporation with legal personality, has lived and developed their activities for the sake of the Valencian culture, contributing effectively to the custody and safekeeping of works of art, it made such signal as was the rescue of paintings and sculptures during the Napoleonic domination, the creation and management of the School of Fine Arts and the Museum of Valencia, increased its artistic heritage, always exhibited in the museum and other activities that meet their purposes well developed in Valencia and Spain.

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos has called for the promotion of the fine arts in all its branches and expressions, promoting, encouraging and contributing to their education, exercise and dissemination, and ensure the preservation and enrichment of the historical, natural and cultural of Spain and, in particular, of Valencia, as is explicitly provided for in Article 3 of its statutes.